What is MoreMPG™


What Is MoreMPG™ ?

MoreMPG™ is an environmentally safe, non-flammable, inert formulation with zero V.O.C.’s (volatile organic components). It contains no solvents, silicone graphite, molybdenum or PTFE’s. Most importantly, it will not change the viscosity of any OEM recommended fluids. MOREMPG™ reduces toxic emissions by as much as 92% from Hydrocarbon, NOx, PM, and Carbon Monoxide

MoreMPG™ Products utilize a ceramic Lubrication Catalyst designed to be used on any rigid or semi rigid surface experiencing sliding, rotating, or oscillating harmonic friction. MoreMPG™ is designed to carry loads in excess of 350,000 PSI as well as lubricate at temperatures in excess of 1900 F. MoreMPG™ is a combination of a unique ceramic resin and lubricating solids including a ceramic lubricating molecule. MoreMPG™ combines the durability of a ceramic resin with the lubricity of the ceramic lubricant.

MoreMPG™ works well in all applications, but shows best where high temperatures, high loads and high speeds are experienced. MoreMPG™ is fully capable of carrying the load where normal lubricants and PTFE redtruckadditives fail. MoreMPG™ is translucent, green in color and acquires a glass finish in use. MoreMPG™ is formulated to provide an approximate cured film thickness of .002" or less of ceramic seal. MoreMPG™ is a material that contains no solvents.


Normal oils avoid hot metals around. 275˚F and will oxidize at approx 375 - 425˚F. (break down). MoreMPG™ treated oil maintains adhesion at base metal temperatures in excess of 1900˚F. MoreMPG™ seals and protects metal with a .002” ceramic seal. Treated oil is now attracted to the hot metals. This feature allows for proper lubrication of hot parts.


MoreMPG™ creates a hard ceramic finish that survives impact, as well as expansion and contraction, without separating from the base metal. This ensures proper protection whether cold or hot.


Lubricating pigments in MoreMPG™ are capable of carrying loads in excess of 350,000 PSI. That’s over 20 times the protection of any oil, or additive including synthetic oils.


MoreMPG™ is resistant to most chemicals and acids while inhibiting oxidation. MoreMPG™ products will seal all metal parts with a ceramic seal that will stop the formation of destructive abrasive carbon moleculs, while also removing pre-existing deposits. By doing this, MoreMPG™ products can stop the wear of components within your engine, transmission, differential and industrial machinery.


(Engines) MoreMPG™ will reduce the formation of carbon deposits as well as stopping destructive harmonics. This alone has shown MoreMPG™ products to far exceed any other lubrication product on the market today.


Every moving assembly produces Harmonics. Like a tuning fork the rotating assembly within your engine will produce harmonics that will rob you of power by causing imbalance within the moving parts. Harmonics will lead to the destruction of bearings within your engine. Engine harmonics will cause the bearings within your water pump, alternator, a/c, and belt rider pulleys to fail faster than they should. engineheadMoreMPG™ products put a stop to internal engine harmonic generation. This feature alone will reduce repair costs, re-claim horsepower and reduce fuel demand requirements. MoreMPG™ is a unique system that will form a protective layer of ceramic within any lubrication system requiring constant flow or wetting to protect the parts from wear and oxidation from the elements. MoreMPG™ products are nonflammable with no V.O.C.'s (volatile organic compounds).

MoreMPG™ is compatible with today's emphasis on environmentally friendly products.

MoreMPG™ has undergone over 9 years of real world testing has shown a dramatic reduction in harmic vibration.


This is just one of the added benefits of the prducts fuel economy and emissions reduction.

MoreMPG™ products have been tested and validated by an EPA certified lab. In gasoline and diesel engines MoreMPG™ has shown an unprecedented reduction in emission gases, increased fuel economy, horse power increase, reduction of carbon deposits, and the elimination of vibration caused by internal harmonics. MoreMPG™ products have been validated by third party labs on metallurgy, emission reduction, friction reduction, oil sampling, chemical reaction & stability, harmonic reduction, rust reduction and carbon deposit reduction!

High Resolution Microscope Comparison.

Results of treated vs non-treated metal surface. The below high resolution microsopic imaging was performed to determin a change if any to the effected area.

MoreMPG™ was applied to a section of the metal and was heated to 135ºc (275ºF) under a controled heating and cooling environment. After 30 minutes the metal was cleaned under water and allowed to dry. The results displayed in the following photos show that MoreMPG bonds to the metal surface, leaving a smooth near glass finish and removing imperfection.

japan metal test

1. This sample displays the metal surface of untreated bare metal (left) and the MoreMPG™ treated side on the righ.

2. This is the same sample with a Red Filter where only metal is exposed in red, the black area is Non metal which is MoreMPG™.

3. Same sample again, this time with a Blue filter that only allows Ceramic to be exposed, which is in blue. The black area is not ceramic, which is the untreated bare metal.


What it does in Engines

Engine Cleanse

The engines enemy number one is soot, sludge and carbon buildup which destroys the engines performance. MoreMPG™ nanotechnology fast acting agent penetrates and disolves sludge and carbon buildup, which allows the engines components to move freely and lubricated, the way it was designed to operate at best performance.

Engine Ceramic Seal
Engine Restored Performance

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