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We have 9 years experience in this field, MoreMPG™ is your ONE STOP solution bringing the utmost performance in your engines, hydraulics and gearboxes, and any systeme that requires lubrication with our revolutionary product. MoreMPG™ is an environmentaly friendly ceramic metal treatment seal. Our clients count on MoreMPG™ to keep their vehicles and equipment running better, longer and with endurance unlike no other additive or products on the market today. Most important is the reduction of toxic emissions that MoreMPG™ drasticly reduces in a simple application that last for many miles down the road. No need to re-treat at every oil change intervals. Just apply once a year and your equipment will remain clean allowing the oil to perform as it was meant to do.

Be it your family automobile, hot rods, semi-truck or your heavy equipment the quiality of our product will keep you amazed of the long lasting results and protection saving you money for years to come.
Daniel M. Godbout

Daniel M. Godbout


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MoreMPG™ is your NUMBER ONE
solution bringing the highest in quality protection to your engines and equipment with huge results.


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How it Started


It all started back in 2005 when doing some work on a simple fan motor that having difficulty turning over, if you tapped it with your finger it would start and be a little screechy most of the time. Being the 3rd fan in no time I had to step up and buy the expensive fan that can outlast the heat. That's when the adventure started and didn't take long until I ran out of fans. The wore out small engines became the next subject with more failures then success but did notice some improvment while they lasted.
westart 04Trial and error turned to success on an old chainsaw motor that became useful again. The next challenge was to try in old car engine before becoming scrap metal and with a little knowledge of pottery, I then discovered that ceramic surfacing was to be the new challenge. This project was slowly researched and developed over several years untill the right formula took shape and once it bonded to metal, it had an everlasting bond to the metal which delivers the best performance in all your lubricated equipment. Which we now call MoreMPG™.

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