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MoreMPG™ Frequently asked questions

How do I apply MoreMPG™ to my engine oil?

You may apply it on a fresh oil change but if your engine's oil is still good for a minimum of 5,500 km on a semi truck and 2,500 km in an automobile. This leaves enough time for MoreMPG™ to clean and fuse to the engine's components.

Do I change my engine Oil before applying MoreMPG™?
How often do I re-apply MoreMPG™?
Is MoreMPG™ an oil additive?
What happends to MoreMPG™ when the metal gets hot and expands and retracts?
I have applied MoreMPG™ and driven about 60km and don't see the results yet?
I applied MoreMPG™ when I arrived home and drove off next morning?
My engine burns alot of oil, will MoreMPG™ stop the burning of oil?
I canged my oil 500 km after treatment is my engine fully protected
My truck's smoke is thicker since application of MoreMPG™, why is that?
I put half a bottle in my engine and the other half in my transmission. Will I see results?
Our winters are pretty cold with minus 35F to minus 45, will MoreMPG™ be effective
Will MoreMPG™ increase my engines horsepower?
Love to extra power and can pass everyone on the road but don't see the fuel econnomy. Why?
i put 8 ounce bottle in my 4 cylinder engine. Is that going to give me better results?
I added 1 ounce of MoreMPG™ to my Mixed gas for my 2 stroke snomobile and took it for a ride about 40 minutes and now it won't start. No gas is going into the carburator. Did I add too much MoreMPG?

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