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Engine Clense

Engines ennemy number one is Soot's, sludge and carbon buildup destroys the engines performance. MoreMPG nanotechnology fast acting agent penetrates and disolves the sludge and carbon buildup which allows the engines components to move freely and lubricated the way it was designed to operate at best performance.

Engine Ceramic Seal
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piston1For Optimum Performance

Engines are designed to operate in a clean environment in order to have optimum performance. Carbon deposits may form in places such as the valves, ports, pistons, head gasket and rings. This carbon can interfere with normal combustion in several ways. It can alter the engines operating temperature, compression ratio and several other important factors involved with combustion and exhaust sensor readings. Piston rings become obstructed from free movement losing it's required spring effect.

Resulting in poor performance, low fuel econommy, increased exhaust emissions, wear and tear. as in image 1, 3 & 5.,

MoreMPG™ will penetrate the carbon biuldup and seal the metals to a glass like finish which makes it impossible to for sludge or carbon to have anything to cling onto. This allows the soots and sludge to be where they need to be and captured by the oil filter. Keeping the engine clean even after changing oil over and over.

MoreMPG™ cleans and seals

piston2MoreMPG cleans and penetrates

MoreMPG™ cleans and penetrates into the porous metal creating a 2 to 6 micron protective barrier of ceramic to prevent metal to metal contact, designed to carry loads in excess of 350,000 PSI as well as lubricate at temperatures in excess of 1900 F.


MoreMPG™ works in all lubricated applications, and even better best where high temperatures, high loads and high speeds are experienced. MoreMPG™ is fully capable of carrying the load where normal lubricants and PTFE additives fail. MoreMPG™ is 100 % solids, translucent green in color and protect your equipment unmatched by any other.

Results a cleaner engine with increased performance, reducing emissions and improved fuel economy

Does not allow the formulation of soots & carbon

piston3Oil Contamination

Abrasive soot's and foreign particles are the number one cause of engine components and bearing failures mostly caused by insuficient lubrication from poor circulation that can be caused by road dust, neglect of air filters change or scheduled oil and filter change which can quickly become contaminated with water, particulate and various deposits such as varnish and sludge that are the products of oil oxidation. These contaminants contribute to the degradation of the lubricant, increased operating temperature, energy demand, component wear and oil usage. MoreMPG™ will not allow the formulation of soot's and carbon buildup, keeping the engine clean and operating at it's optimum performance.


Even the cross hatch receives protection

piston4Permanent sub surface internal bond

MoreMPG fuses a permanent sub surface internal bond within the metal with a ceramic shield of a glass like finish that will not allow the formulation of soots, sludge and abrasive carbon on and between parts, leaving the internal metal surfaces clean and as near new. MoreMPG also cleans and seals the crosshatch and will not interefere with the function of the crosshatch but will help them stay clean from foreign objects that normaly build's up in these important grouves with soot's that turn into carbon , allowing the engine to run smooth and performe like it was brand new.

Eliminates static charge causing micropitting

piston5Permanent sub surface internal bond

MoreMPG™ prevents micropitting is a fatigue failure of the surface of a material commonly seen in rolling bearings and gears and in engines the crankshaft. When the oil temperature exceeds 190 degrees, its rate of oxidation goes up dramatically, resulting in the formation of an acid called Aldehyde. This acid is what damages and eventually destroys bearing seals. MoreMPG™ lowers the operating temperature of the oil, thereby eliminating the Aldehyde buildup, a key contributor to mechanical failures. MoreMPG seals the metal and prevents the static charge generated when Oil (hydrocarbon) flows along Metals, once the metal is sealed with ceramic the static charge is eliminated as ceramic is non conductive protecting the internal components from acids that causes the micropitting and pits.

Keep the engines components like new

piston6Permanent sub surface internal bond

When applying MoreMPG™ as soon as the first breakin of the engine is completed this will prevent the micropiting (As seen in Pic #5) which is generated from lowering oil temperature and sealing the metal with a 2 to 6 micron of ceramic sheild which prevents metal to metal contact. MoreMPG™ treated components will remain like new and well lubricated preventing the early  break down of oil that creates the formation Aldehyde. Making the Engines, Gearboxes and hydraulic system to operat in an environment that they were designed to do. Saving you breakdowns and costly repairs.


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