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For the last 9 years I have been using MoreMPG™ as recommended and the results are beyond any of my expectations and recommend without any hesitation to anyone with a fleet or heavy equipment should protect their investment with MoreMPG™ which pays itself again and again.

All of our trucks, equipment and personal vehicles are treated with MoreMPG™, we no longer have Turbo breakdowns and no longer have issues with differential seals or crank seals, differential temperature have dropped around 20 to 25 degrees

I have many more experiences with this product which all are positive. And we strongly recommend it.

Carroll Trucking
Ronald Carroll

Carroll Ronald Trucking

Saint Rose, NB, Canada

A nugget was found

At RioTinto Iron Ore Company of Canada, we are always looking for improvements, and finally this nugget called “MoreMPG™” was discovered.

I never imagined that a product that you simply add once a year to the oil would make such a huge change to engines. Since MoreMPG™ significantly improved performance and reduced fuel costs to the point that I just had to apply this to all my personal vehicles in order to enjoy those benefits.

Now MoreMPG™ has certainly gained my confidence in it's performance and results. I strongly encourage anyone to start applying this amazing product to their equipment because it does exactly as discribed.

Robert Wheaton
Robert Wheaton

Senior Supervisor RioTinto,

Iron Ore Company of Canada

Best fuel economy

I first applied MoreMPG™ on 8. January 2010, after a fresh oil change in my 1998 Classic Freightliner and not long down the highway, I noticed a smother running engine then noticed the Turbo temperature dropped approximately 400 degree Fahrenheit.

MoreMPG™ increased my fuel economy by far and everything is smooth after adding to the transmission and Diff's along with the wet axles.

In 2014 I had a new Freightliner truck ordered till this day 2017, I always do my yearly treatment of MoreMPG™ and is truly an Amazing product. I have found that the engine run so clean that my DPF seems to outlast many other trucks with so much downtime issues.

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Owner Operator

Woodstock, NB

Truly a Revolutionary product

DRD Japan

We have just received the test report of MoreMPG to Nissan Patrol (4200cc, TD42, Diesel engine, 2003 make ) from DRD which is a distinguished Laboratory jointly owned by some of the Japanese auto companies. People concerned with this test were totally amazed and impressed by the great effects of MoreMPG, particularly the fuel efficiency ( more than 10% Improvement ) during such a short period of time for the test.

They are also impressed by the results relating the reduction of PM and THC. Some of the engineers including the former chief research scholar of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are wondering why MoreMPG can improve the fuel Efficiency so effectively. And more than 5% improvement cannot be explained in terms of the mechanical loss and friction loss which can be Reduced theoretically by 5% maximum.

So they have the assumption that MoreMPG can improve mechanical loss and friction loss, and on top of that, MoreMPG can do something to reduce Heat loss of the engine combustion or something else.

Also, other scholars have the assumption that MoreMPG can significantly reduce the so called “ Late Burn “ which happens after the normal burn producing a lot of soot. They suspect their assumption should be true because with MoreMPG, most of the diesel trucks or cars have stopped to Produce soot.

Anyway, they are totally amazed by the great effects and they mention they have never come across such an effective product as MoreMPG that reduce soot and toxic emission gases and improve the fuel efficiency in a steady manner.

They went on to say that MoreMPG is certainly a revolutionary product !

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MoreMPG Testimonial


12% increase in Feul savings


I am a owner-operator for Keltic Transport. I have recently treated my truck engine with MoreMPG with amazing results and my truck feul went from 7.8 now doing 9.3 MPG, huge gain, same routes that I have been driving for years.

In addition to the economy gain, I noticed a drop in temperature of the area around 20 degrees a cooler engine in rush hour traffic. Also, peak torque (1200rpm), I noticed a turbo boost 5psi gain more torque at low rpm.

The nest image of my computer displays at the bottom right: 9.0MPG! Of the 2088 miles, 538 with 43,000 lbs, empty 250miles, 471miles with 10,000 lbs, a little bit of travelling in the city of Toronto and 600miles with 25,000 lbs. This computer resets every Sunday. My route is Moncton-Boston-Clifton, NJ-Toronto-Quebec. With my MoreMPG ™-treated engine, feuled up later Fueled up, 718.7L, 2374km, calculates to 9.32MPG!. 1300rpm, 90Km/h on cruise control going up Siegas hill (TCH-2, Siegas, NB), 58,500lbs gross, 32psi, 75% throttle, still 9.0MPG... MoreMPG™

MoreMPG Testimonial
Pierre Comeau

Owner Operator

Shippagan, NB

Won't start an engine without it.

North East Tree Trimming

We have several pieces of Construction Heavy Equipment such as excavators, Loaders, Compactors, Mulcher's and Semi Trucks and was introduced to MoreMPG™ about 8 years ago, and over the years I can appreciate the effectiveness of MoreMPG™ in my Engines and hydraulics system and and excellent results we apply treatment to every piece of equipment wherever there is a need of lubrication.

The results are vary impressive in performance and smoothness of the engine with so little amount of product. Issues with seals have been reduced to none. I find that the engine are quicker to respond and more powerful with noticeable fuel savings.

Winter I find that my engines start much easier and less strain, I was surprised of when starting engines during -30 below temperature in the winter months without the engine block heater being plugged in.

Our equipment we use for Northeast Diving Ltd requires to be in top condition at all times, and applying MoreMPG™ to the pump engines and hot water heaters our engines are more efficient, runs smoother and more reliable. We are vary pleased with this product in our equipment and will not allow any equipment go out of the shop unless it is treated with MoreMPG™. Highly recommended.

Gino Leblanc

Northeast Tree Trimming Ltd.

North East Diving Ltd.

C13 Cat engine over 1 million kilometers

Dusty I am a owner-operator leased on with Sunbury Transport for the past 8 years. In today's trucking industry, you have to cut your costs as much as possible in order to survive. So I am interested in trying new technology. If it works, I take it on as a product to promote. If it doesn't, I don't want anything to do with it. I have found some that do and a lot of others that don't.

MoreMPG DOES WORK On December 2,2010 I put a 16 oz bottle of it in my C13 Cat engine which has 1 million kms on it. Within a couple of hrs my engine changed its tune. It was running with less vibration and less engine noise. Much Much Smoother. After a couple of days, I noticed my engine fan not coming on when I was climbing hills fully loaded. Also my engine exhaust temperature was running about 100-150 degrees cooler when it was really working hard. After 7 days I took an oil sample and sent it to a reputable lab. This product did not change the oil additives, viscosity or total base number of the oil. Also the iron count in my oil was considerably less than the previous analysis at 25000 kms. As it is doing what it is designed to do in the engine, I am now going to put it in both differentials and my transmission

Dusty Buckingham

S.E.R.Transportation Ltd.

New Brunswick, Canada

Was burning 12 L of oil before MoreMPG


I purchased MoreMPG and was quite neverous about trying it in my old engine. I have a N14 cummins with around 3.2 million kms on it and was using a different oil additive.

It was burning approx 12 liters of oil between oil changes at 20000 km after using the MoreMPG this engine now only uses 2 liters of oil between oil changes. After applying MoreMPG I was amazed at the change in oil consumption also my fuel mileage has increased and quite noticeable horsepower boost as well.

I also tried MoreMPG in my Chevy 1/2 ton which I don't get to drive much anymore with my 17 year old son seems to like it alot but about 2 weeks after I put it in he asked me what was wrong with the chevy I said nothing why? He said he can go alot further on a tank of gas now compared to before. :) MoreMPG! I also put it in my car and the fuel mileage went from 12L/100 km to 9L/100km I am very impressed with this product and it is 1 of the best oil additives I have ever used.

Kenney Mayne

Prince Edward Island

Huge upgrade in performance

Jean Marc

Owner Operator for Sunbury Transport, I first added the MoreMPG to my truck Engine, Transmission and both differentials in at the end of October 2010, immediately I noticed my engine changed and became very smooth and quiet, and for the first week that was the only difference I was noticing was a very smooth engine.

During the second week I started to notice that I wasn't shifting the same as before I started to notice my Horsepower increase, and it has, I can pull up next to trucks that I had a struggle before if I wanted to pass them and now it just goes, everybody says I did something to my engine and the only thing I did was adding MoreMPG to it.

I finally got my fuel report, at his time of year I was lucky to get 5.1 MPG, and my ;latest fuel report is showing an average of 5.8 MPG, that is a 12% increase in fuel savings. I strongly recommend MoreMPG because it really works better then expected. I also recently added 1oz for each wet axle on the truck and trailer, it is very smooth sailing.

Jean-Marc Page

Grand Falls NB

Exhaust fumes disappeared.

Crab Fishing boat

In spring of 2010 I added MoreMPG to my boats 3 engines and transmission with great results, the crew noticed a drastic reducing of fumes and the vibration disappeared, It made the crew became more active since as the vibrations is one of the largest cause of sea sickness and along with the exhaust fumes that were coming back on the deck to to the air circulation that that cause on a boat but it has all disappeared and a healthier crew.

Engines are smoother and I have noticed a significant improvement on fuel savings, the engine oil at intervals is not as black as before since I believe that there is much less contamination but we still change our oil every 250 hours, the oil analysis certainly shows that we can extend our oil intervals. MoreMPG is an excellent product and recommend it at 100%.

MoreMPG Testimonial
Mario Savoie

Shippagan, NB

Huge upgrade in performance


In this test 3 buses went from Italy to Berlin, 1 was treated with MPG. Every driver wanted to drive the MPG treated bus. No problem up hills. On the way back the MoreMPG treated bus, left ONE HOUR AFTER and he caught up and passed the bus that left before! They were amazed by the extra power and performance with this thing. All the drivers want it in their cars now. ONLY IN ITALY

Video Before and After we drove for 52 Km after treatment. The bus is a 9 yrs. old, V8-Scania powered Beulas with 700.000 Km; emissions class Euro 3

extra power
Amedeo Nativio

Pescara, Italy

1,846,000 km & still going strong


It's been four 9 years since we treated our first truck that had about 75,000 km at the time and I was sitting with my staff today doing end of the year reports and we realized that MoreMPG has saved us thousands of dollars over the years in operating costs and maintenance.Therefore, I wanted to give you first hand testimonial and my recommendation coming from my experience with your product.

My truck fleet consists of 17 Semi Trucks which operating nonstop. Most of our work is in the forest, hauling logs in extreme driving environment involving mud and rocky conditions and in our long winters the conditions are even harder on our equipment. Being a very experienced mechanic I can see hands on the results MoreMPG has on the engines and complete drive-train of fleet


The first truck that was treated now passed 1,846,000 km and 9 other trucks have now just over 1,000,000km and the rest under the million mark. It is important for me to let you know that on the oldest truck with 1.8 million km we never had a need to open the transmission for any issues. This is unseen or unheard of because when these kind of transmissions reach between 800,000 to 1,000,000 km always require maintnace, but the transmission is solid and shifts vary smooth. The rest of the fleet transmissions show no signs of fatique and are also working vary smooth.

We also added 1 ounces of MoreMPG in each wet axle and now we no longer need to replace wheel hub seals. I simply don't have any seal issues, not in the differentials or in the transmissions. You also need to know that about 2 years ago when the old truck had only about 1,100,000 km we had an issue with sleeve that moved and when we opened up the engine I could not believe my eyes when I looked at the engine components on how clean everything was and how bearings looked like they were brand new, the sleeve showed no marking of wear or scratches, the pistons looked like new and I even took the parts to Caterpillar in Moncton, New Brunswick which they verified the Piston and sleeves were still at factory specs, I decided to replace the sleeve due to its moving and put in new rings and used the same pistons then put the engine back together and to this day that truck runs perfectly smooth like the day we applied the product to the engine.

Ronald Carroll Trucking

Sainte Rose, NB, Canada

Fuel savings of about $50 per day


My name is Boyd Mitchelmore, I am the owner operator of Mitchelmore Dream a forty-five foot fishing boat. Every season we fish for scallops and crab. I have always taken good care of my boat as it is our way of life here in the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, we have always had an issue with emissions on the deck. The crew constantly smells and tastes the exhaust fumes from the emissions of the engines. Inhaling the fumes that get drawn back onto the deck makes you feel sick.

Last season I was introduced to a product called MoreMPG which we applied to our engine and also to the twin disc transmission. I can say without any hesitation that the four man crew have appreciated the reduction of the exhaust fumes on deck. After applying the product More MPG it reduced the emission fumes to near zero and it remained that way for the entire season. The emissions was a huge problem on deck and now I have noticed that the crews performance has changed for the better.

I have found that my engine which is a 6 cylinder Cummins Marine C series runs very smooth and has a substantial drop in vibrations. I have also been amazed that the fuel consumption has dropped showing a savings of about $50 per day. That is huge savings because we fish 15 hour days and three of those hours are traveling time.

The transmission had a clunk in it and every time you would shift from forward to reverse it would clunk. That sound has totally disappeared and the transmission now shifts very smoothly. What an amazing product. I wish we would have had this many years ago.

Everything I can say about this product is positive and I thank MoreMPG for bringing this to our attention.

I recommend MoreMPG to all my fellow fisherman.

MoreMPG Testimonial
Boyd Mitchelmore

Mitchelmore's Dream

Green Island Cove, NL

Beleive Me MoreMPG really Works


Beleive me... MoreMPG really works.

Ravi Sivasamboo

Sri Lanka

Smooth like a properly tuned engine


I added MoreMPG and not long down the road I noticed something different then it became smooth like a properly tuned engine, it's incredible you must try it to believe it. It's as if it transformed the engine, the engine responds much better, the sound and the vibrations was greatly reduced, it runs cleaner seems like smoke free, you know when you are going up a hill and as the RPM'S drop it starts to lag, feels like the engine wants to break apart, now it just growls going uphill.

The vibrations disappeared after about 100 km, the engine now has much more power and certainly improved my fuel economy by about 8%, with lab oil analysis my oil intervals are extended 30 to 40%. Transmission became vary smooth after about 50 km shifts vary nice and quiet. Best of all I don't have to run after additives I simply apply MoreMPG once a year and haul coast to coast. Strongly recommended

Mario Savoie

Shippagan, NB

Advanced engine care fomula


Old is Gold

Best Limo Canada


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Thank's MoreMPG

Nilan Perera

Sri Lanka

City of Grand Falls

MoreMPG Testimonial

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