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 img1Huge Impact on the environment, For every treated Engine on this planet which MoreMPG™ reduces soot's, NOx, Carbon Monoxide, Co2 and PM's all harmful emissions not only fuel savings but also impacts more areas that we sometimes overlook, MoreMPG reduces wear and tear and gain the out-most performance from your engines and to all applicable equipment and industrial use, effects less breakdown, less parts are needed, bringing your operation cost down significantly. Keep you fleet longer and equipment more reliable, and running like New with our simple low cost MoreMPG™ maintenance program. From engines to automatic and manual transmissions, Gearboxs, hydrostatics, hydraulics, differentials, reduces electrical consumptions to hydraulic pumps, gearboxes, air conditioning units and many many more applications.


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58,500lbs, 32psi, 75% throttle, still getting 9.3 MPG...

I am a owner-operator at Keltic Transport.  I have recently treated my truck engine with MoreMPG with amazing results and my truck is now doing 9.3 MPG, huge gain, same routes that I have been driving for years.

In addition to the economy gain, I noticed a drop in temperature of the area around 20 degrees a cooler engine in rush hour traffic. Also, peak torque (1200rpm), I noticed a turbo boost 5psi gain more torque at low rpm.

The nest image of my computer displays at the bottom right: 9.0MPG! Of the 2088 miles, 538 with 43,000 lbs, empty 250miles, 471miles with 10,000 lbs, a little bit of travelling in the city of Toronto and 600miles with 25,000 lbs. This  computer resets ever Sunday. My Route is Moncton-Boston-Clifton, NJ-Toronto-Quebec. With my MoreMPG ™-treated engine, feuled up later Fueled up, 718.7L, 2374km,  calculates to 9.32MPG!

 1300rpm, 90Km/h on cruise control going up Siegas hill (TCH-2, Siegas, NB), 58,500lbs gross, 32psi, 75% throttle, still 9.0MPG... MoreMPG™

-2004 Freightliner Classic w/70" condo sleeper
-Caterpillar "6NZ" C-15, 550hp, 1850lb-ft "stock"
-Eaton Fuller 13 speed overdrive
-3.73 rear-end ratio
-12,000lbs front axle
-40,000lbs tandem rear axle
-11R22.5 Michelin XDN2 drive tires
-11R22.5 Michelin XZA1+ steer tires
-All aluminum wheels
-Dual breathers and exhaust
-Aft 140gal. fuel tanks and fore steps/boxes
-21" Texas bumper

-2012 53' Utility dry van
-Tandem axle
-11R22.5 Michelin XTE tires
-All aluminum wheels
-Trailer wind skirts                                                                   

Fueled up, 718.7L, 2374km,  calculates to 9.32MPG! MoreMPG™

 Pierre Comeau
Owner Operator