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 img1Huge Impact on the environment, For every treated Engine on this planet which MoreMPG™ reduces soot's, NOx, Carbon Monoxide, Co2 and PM's all harmful emissions not only fuel savings but also impacts more areas that we sometimes overlook, MoreMPG reduces wear and tear and gain the out-most performance from your engines and to all applicable equipment and industrial use, effects less breakdown, less parts are needed, bringing your operation cost down significantly. Keep you fleet longer and equipment more reliable, and running like New with our simple low cost MoreMPG™ maintenance program. From engines to automatic and manual transmissions, Gearboxs, hydrostatics, hydraulics, differentials, reduces electrical consumptions to hydraulic pumps, gearboxes, air conditioning units and many many more applications.


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 What a difference MoreMPG made, the engine is very reactive.

Being on the road a lot as a sales agent, I decided many years ago that when you take the cost of depreciation when buying a new vehicle it is better for me, in my opinion to drive an older vehicle and replace it as necessary.

morempg treatedMy last purchase was a 2002 Malibu with 179k on it. Shortly after buying it, I noticed the engine was running rough and I was only getting 400kms to a tank of gas, no matter where or how I drove. I decided to apply 2 ounce bottle of MoreMPG in the engine and one bottle in a full tank of gas, feeling the fuel jets were not performing effectively.

What a difference this made, the engine is very reactive, runs smooth and in the city I average approximately 10% gas economy. This is proof of being a great investment in two bottles of 2 oz. MoreMPG.

I highly recommend this product to each and every person driving any gas/diesel vehicle/equipment.

Ross Sturge

Toronto, ON