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MoreMPG reduces emissions of Diesel Engines such as Semi-Trucks, Commercial Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Boats & Pickup's

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MoreMPG™ Metal Treatment Dosage

Note: Treating the entire unit will result in reduction of friction and wear and help to achieve maximum overall efficiency and protection.

Diesel Engines: under 300 HP Dosage 8 oz. (236ml)   *Required

Diesel Engines: 300+ HP Dosage 16 oz. (472ml)   *Required

Automatic Transmission: Dosage 3 oz. (118ml)  *Required

Manual Transmission: Dosage of 8 oz. (236ml) *Required

Each Differentials: Dosage of 8 oz. (236ml) *Required

How to treat an engine with MoreMPG™

1- Have engine warmed up, ensure vehicle is in park or neutral with parking brake on and wheels blocked.

2- If possible add product with the engine running. If blow by is present shut engine off, add MoreMPG™ and immediately start engine, bring your engines rpm's up to 1300-1700 RPM and hold for 30-60 seconds. This procedure will ensure that MoreMPG™ covers the entire engine as MoreMPG™ does not mix with your oil ! The oil is only a carrier of the product as the oil is circulated MoreMPG™ will cover all metal components. Immediatly run engine for no less than 30 minutes, Preferred method is to drive the vehicle for approximately 50 kilometers. For best results. (Do Not Shut Engine Off) for at Least 30 Minutes after adding MoreMPG™

Known issues with use of MoreMPG™ in Diesel Engine. None