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CAT C 11 Diesel Truck Test Immediate 16 HP Horsepower & 150 Ft-Lbs Torque Gain, treated with MoreMPG while on Dyno

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Diesel Truck Test Immediate Horsepower & Torque Gain.

This test was run by Hawthorne Power Systems of San Diego, CA, a Caterpillar Dealer and CAT authorized service & Testing Center. For this test, the Taylor Dynamometer was used.

The cement truck with a CAT C 11 engine was placed on the Dyno, was secured and then a base line run was completed showing 144 HP (horsepower) producing 1,334 Ft-Lbs of torque. (See graphs on following two pages – this base line test refers to the one marked “Before Treatment”)

The truck remained on the Dyno while it was treated with the MoreMPG product. The install run in (6 min) and mileage was then completed on the Dyno. The truck was then allowed to cool down to return to the same temperatures of the base line run for the start of the Dyno run immediately after the MoreMPG treatment. The After Treatment Dyno run shows an increase on both horsepower and torque. (See page marked “After Treatment”) The horsepower increased to 160 HP and the torque increased to 1,484 Ft-Lbs. which equates to an increase of 16 HP and 150 Ft-Lbs of torque.

Please note: This test was run for the purpose of determining the immediate gains from a MoreMPG treatment and as such, this test only shows the immediate gain following installation of MoreMPG and not the total benefits in horsepower and torque which can be seen in the other tests we have run and published. As MoreMPG cures, (1,000 to 1,500 miles of drive time after installation) both the horsepower and the torque will increase significantly more as shown in other tests run after the accumulation of 1,500 miles from the time of treatment.                                    

After Treatment MoreMPG

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