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MoreMPG™ is an environmentally safe, non-flammable, inert formulation with zero V.O.C.’s, no solvents, silicone, graphite, molybdenum or PTFE’s. Most importantly, it will not change the viscosity of any OEM recommended fluids. MoreMPG™ reduces toxic emissions by as much as 92% from Hydrocarbon, NOx, PM, & Carbon Monoxide.
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 img1Huge Impact on the environment, For every treated Engine on this planet which MoreMPG™ reduces soot's, NOx, Carbon Monoxide, Co2 and PM's all harmful emissions not only fuel savings but also impacts more areas that we sometimes overlook, MoreMPG reduces wear and tear and gain the out-most performance from your engines and to all applicable equipment and industrial use, effects less breakdown, less parts are needed, bringing your operation cost down significantly. Keep you fleet longer and equipment more reliable, and running like New with our simple low cost MoreMPG™ maintenance program. From engines to automatic and manual transmissions, Gearboxs, hydrostatics, hydraulics, differentials, reduces electrical consumptions to hydraulic pumps, gearboxes, air conditioning units and many many more applications.


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58,500 lbs, 32psi, 75% throttle, at 9.3 MPG, 20° cooler in through rush hour traffic

I am a owner-operator at Keltic Transport.  I have recently treated my truck engine with MoreMPG with amazing results and my truck is now doing 9.3 MPG, a huge gain, same routes that I have been driving for years. In addition to the economy gain, I noticed a drop in temperature of the area around 20 degrees a cooler engine in rush hour traffic. Also, peak torque (1200rpm), I noticed a turbo boost 5psi gain more torque at low rpm. Fueled up, 718.7L, 2374km,  calculates to 9.32MPG! Read More...

MoreMPG™ reduced Hydro Carbons  96%, CO 98%  and N0x 80% after treatment.

This test was run by an Ontario Drive Clean Service Centre, the car failed back in 2010 and was instructed to change the 02 censor at a price tag of around $300, the owner parked the car instead and on March 7 2012 he had contacted MoreMPG and asked if applying the MoreMPG would make his car pass the emissions test, the responce was that we cannot gurantee that it will pass as we do not know the condition of the car and could have some mechanical issues that we are not aware of and so the only sugestion we could tell him is to try it and find out. MoreMPG was applied an then driven on the highway for about 45 minutes to have the emissions test done again, it PASSED with amazing resultsng Read More...

Diesel Truck test results immediate increase of 16 HP and 150 Ft-lbs of torque gain.

This test was run by Hawthorne Power Systems, a Caterpillar Dealer and CAT authorized service and Testing Center. For this test, the Taylor Dynamo-meter was  used. The cement truck with a CAT C 11 engine was placed on the Dyno, was  secured and then a base line run was completed showing 144 HP (horsepower)  producing 1,334 Ft-Lbs of torque. (See graphs on following two pages – this base line test refers to the one marked “Before MoreMPG™ Treatment”) Read More...

Diesel Truck oil analysis results 60 to 70% of harmful Soot reduction and prevention.

This test was run by Coastal Blending & Packaging, a Lubrication Analysis Lab in Saint John, New Brunswick. For this test, a before and after oil sample was taken. The Semi-truck with a CAT C 13 with 1,025,000 kilometers on the engine which the oil had 25,000km, soot levels showed to be at 0.46, the owner does not change oil due to his oil analysis shows his oil green light, which is using a by-pass filter that get's changed every 25,000 km, his next Oil Anaylsis at 50,000 km show soot levels of 0.68 a 48% incresse, the By-pass filter was changed and MoreMPG was added to the oil then driven for another 25,000 km, Soot levels went down to 0.27  displayed a 60% reduction. another test was done on Cat C-15 with 711,090 km soot result at 0.28. (See Oil Analysis on following pages) Read More...

Before and After emissions test show 80.3% reduction of harmful greenhouse gases.

For this test,  comparison of the emissions of automobiles with and without the MoreMPG™ added to the engine lubricant September 29th 2011, results from a Mercedes passenger car was taken for it's routine emissions tests. The car was tested, by a an Ontario  "Clean Air” inspection center in Toronto, which resulted in Failure (see Before) the vehicle was then treated with MoreMPG™, then driven for approximetly 35 minutes on the highway, which is recomended, "the more you drive the cleaner it gets." Within the hour of the first test and treatment, a second test was performed (date & time below) Resulting in a PASSED Emissions Test Read More...

Diesel Trucks fuel tests results show 12 - 20% decrease in operation cost + maintenance.

This test was run by Jean-Marc Page, a Sunbury Transport Owner oparator, 2007 Internationalh with Caterpilar C-15 engine, hauling train traillers total of 15 axles. For this test, the computer fuel report and pencil calculations for comparison. The truck previous fuel reports average was 4.9 miles per gallon, MoreMPG was added at the rate of, 16 oz in the engine, 8 oz in each drive diferentials, 8 oz in the transmission and 1 oz per wet axle. MoreMPG and the truck was run for 70,000 km with an average of 5.9 miles per gallon, a 15% fuel savings from October 2010 to February of 2011. (See reports on following two pages) Read More...

Will MoreMPG really do all of that? Yes it will outperform beyond your expectations

You better beleive it that MoreMPG will save you fuel, cut down on maintenance, prevent soot, reduce harmful emission, and give you that new engine feeling again. Your satisfaction ia our mission in bringing you the worlds leading product to reduce emmission effectively at low cost with results you will not see in any other product.

Please take 3 minute introduction video below, I'm sure you'll watch till then end

Video streaming by UstreamThe Time is Now and watch this 1 hour Video on the Climate Reality Urgency

MoreMPG™ prevents and reduces 60 to 70% Soot's that creates Black Carbons which contributes to the increase of harmful greenhouse gas Emissions. Canada, America, Sri-Lanka, Asia, Europe different parts of the Globe are recognizing the necessity of MoreMPG™ and it's advanced nanotechnology reduces blow-by resulting in Fuel savings and upto 90% emission reduction capabilities like never seen before.

  Soot that is Harming People and Making Global Warming Worse.

Soot, also known as black carbon, is the second-leading cause of global warming after carbon dioxide, and it's totally preventable. We already have the technology to avoid producing it; it's just a matter of using it. We need tighter standards on diesel fuel at home, and we need to finance technology transfer abroad. Tell the Obama administration that reducing black carbon now will buy precious time for the Arctic, and improve public health.

Green Awarness Global Solutions

City of Grand Falls NB goes Green,
City of Grand Falls City Police have taken action in preventing soot and reducing harmful black carbons, acheived positive results from MoreMPG™ in their police cruisers, street sweeper and pickup trucks 
acheiving improvements of 17% in feul savings.
idea3 Posted on 04-10-2011

Sustainability Initiatives - Technology Development and Transition As a means to provide sustainable funding to our youth programs we are introducing MoreMPG to the US which reduces emissions, increases performance and longevity of metal mechanicals. This is a green product that serves the mobility industry while funding critical youth development and creates a bridge between Industry, Healthcare, Your purchase of this product will provide you and your mechanical tools direct cost savings benefits while building your Sustainability and Social Brand. Read More...A Human Systems Approach to a Sustainable Society idea3 Posted on 10-11-2013

Target 'black carbon' to tackle climate change, recommends UN,
Report says soot is neglected in climate debate, and reducing particles polluting the air could cut global warming by 0.5C. Cutting the amount of soot we pour into the atmosphere, and emissions of methane from agriculture, would be one of the most powerful ways to tackle climate change (pdf) , a new report from the United Nations environment programme (Unep) has concluded. Read More...
idea3 Posted on 02-23-2011

UN – curbing black carbon would bring dramatic, quick benefits to all,
Study says targeting black carbon would cool temperatures and improve global health, farming and economy in short time. Global warming could be slowed down if governments cleaned up what's known as black carbon from industry and cooking fires, 50 of the world's leading atmospheric scientists said on Tuesday. Read More...
idea3 Posted on 06-14-2011

Latest News on Pollution and the planet,
Report says soot is neglected in climate debate, and reducing particles polluting the air could cut global warming by 0.5C. Cutting the amount of soot we pour into the atmosphere, and emissions of methane from agriculture, would be one of the most powerful ways to tackle climate change (pdf) , a new report from the United Nations environment programme (Unep) has concluded. Read More...
idea3 Posted on 02-23-2011