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 img1Huge Impact on the environment, For every treated Engine on this planet which MoreMPG™ reduces soot's, NOx, Carbon Monoxide, Co2 and PM's all harmful emissions not only fuel savings but also impacts more areas that we sometimes overlook, MoreMPG reduces wear and tear and gain the out-most performance from your engines and to all applicable equipment and industrial use, effects less breakdown, less parts are needed, bringing your operation cost down significantly. Keep you fleet longer and equipment more reliable, and running like New with our simple low cost MoreMPG™ maintenance program. From engines to automatic and manual transmissions, Gearboxs, hydrostatics, hydraulics, differentials, reduces electrical consumptions to hydraulic pumps, gearboxes, air conditioning units and many many more applications.


This is what people are saying about MoreMPG

All of the testimonials posted here are submitted by actual users of the products produced by MoreMPG


7 years in using MoreMPG with results are beyond my expectations.

Carroll Ronald Trucking
505 Ch Carroll
Sainte Rose
New Brunswick, E1X, Canada
Phone: 506.395.6973

March 20, 2015

I am the Owner of a truck fleet for over 20 years and own 15 Semi Trucks some on the highway and most are in the forestry throughout harsh condition nad hard on the trucks, I am also the head mechanic for my fleet and for others.  For the last 7 years I have been using MoreMPG as recommended and the results are beyond any of my expectations and recommend without any hesitation to anyone with a fleet or heavy equipment  should protect their investment with MoreMPG which pays itself again and again.

With the results from above tests and my experiences as a heavy equipment mechanic and operator that using MoreMPG has saved me thousands of dollars from costly repairs and unnecessary breakdowns  All of our trucks, equipment and personal vehicles are treated with MoreMPG, we no longer have Turbo breakdowns and no longer have issues with differential seals or crank seals, differential temperature have dropped around 20 to 25 degrees.  

I started using MoreMPG since 2008 in my 2005 Peterbilt and had a vary good experience and found the product not to be a miracle but pretty close to one. The oil consumption on a round trip to Toronto was about 5 to 7 liters of oil approximately 2800 km, We then topped up the oil then after a warm up the engine according to the instructions then we added one 16oz bottle of  MoreMPG to the engine Oil and drove again to Toronto and back, the oil level this time remained, the engine became much smoother after about 100 km and the noise level dropped, the horsepower certainly increased and overall experience I found pretty impressive.

The engine oil on that truck remained at it's level for about 1 month of about 1 liter which it was scheduled for the oil change. Weeks went by maintaining the proper oil level, the performance is vary amazing on how much that engine had changed after applying MoreMPG, I cannot ask any better from this product since it provides so much benefits, as for fuel economy there are many factors on the road but I can say that I have not gained  approximately 0.8 to 0.9 Mile per gallon better since treatment.

Another experience with a manual transmission which was having some noise issue being hesitant to drive it to Alberta then decided to put MoreMPG to the test so we applied it to the noisy transmission and drove off, after approximately 250 km the Transmission noise completely disappeared and smoother shifting we are still using the same transmission since the application of this back in 2008.

I have many more experiences with this product which all are positive. And we strongly recommend it.

Thank You

Ronald Carroll


Taxi fleet appreciation of results after first year of MoreMPG.


We want to let you know that we appreciate the product MoreMPG that we have been using for our fleet of over 25 vehicles.

Thank you for your cooporation

Christian Harvey


Mining in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Robert Wheaton                                    March 4, 2015
Labrador City
Newfoundland And Labrador

  My name is Robert Wheaton of Labrador City. I have 36 years experience in mining in the harsh northern environment.  As a Senior Mining Supervisor for the Iron Ore Company Of Canada. Including 10 years experience in an Iron Ore Pellet plant and 26 years in  the Open Pit Mines. My duties have ranged from attendant in the plant to senior supervisor in the mines.

  Over the years we have always looked for ways to be more efficient, in improving performance and extending the life of the operating equipment. I can say I have seen all types of modifications and products that are said to improve performance and to save operating costs that were applied to the equipment with little or no effect. We were always looking for improvements, and finally this nugget of  a product called “MoreMPG” was discovered.  I never imagined that a product that you simply add once a year to the oil would make such a huge change to engines. MoreMPG significantly improved performance and reduced fuel costs to the point that I just had to apply this to all my personal vehicles in order to enjoy those benefits.

  My Pickup truck 2013 F150 Lariat which I treated with MoreMPG jumped from 17 Liters/100km down to 14Liters/100km, The engine runs much quieter, more powerful,and a much quicker response. I am extremely happy with how my truck runs now. I just had to try this in my snowmobile. The results
like with my pickup are an impressive performance increase, and better gas mileage. My snow-blower certainly starts easier and runs very smooth, also noticed that it runs much cleaner with hardly any fumes.  I also added MoreMPG to my generator at the cottage, and again I am amazed that I am getting about two hours more operation out of a tank of gas.

  MoreMPG certainly gained my confidence in it's performance and results and I certainly encourage anyone to start applying this amazing product.

Your Truly,

Robert Wheaton
Senior Supervisor RioTinto
Iron Ore Company of Canada


Toyota 22R engine before and after treatment of MoreMPG.

Here we applied MoreMPG to a Toyota pickup and the results of the engine running smoother less harmonic vibrations which robs the engine's performance. Hear the difference. Just amazing when you compare before and after.


I drove 783 km on 38 litre gas. 20.6 km/liter or 58.3 mpg.

My Car is a 2011 Ford Fiesta with about 90,000km, having winter tires and cold weather gas consumption is at it's worst but since treating my engine last fall with MoreMPG and on December 8 2014 I filled up as allways with Shell Supreme I drove 783 km on 38 litre gas (light came on) with an amazing 20.6 km/liter or 58.3 mpg, I can't ask for any better.

Millennium II Environmental Inc
Jean Claude Chenard
985 route 525
Saint Marie de Kent,
NBTel: 506-955-3752
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




700,000km bus proven results after only 52km after MoreMPG treatment.

The bus test in Italy, 3 buses went from Italy to Berlin, 1 was treated with MPG. Every driver wanted to drive the MPG treated bus. No problem up hills. on the way back the MoreMPG trated bus left ONE HOUR AFTER and he caught up and passed the bus that left before! They were amazed by the extra power and performance with this thing. All the drivers want it in their cars now. ONLY IN ITALY

Video Before and After we drove for 52 Km after treatment. The bus is a 9 yrs. old, V8-Scania powered Beulas  with 700.000 Km; emissions class Euro 3



Dodge Cummins pickup truck with over 600,000km runs like new.

I am the owner, of this 1999 Dodge Cummins pickup truck which has taken me well over 600,000 kms  throughout the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and beyond. For the past 12-18 months, I have noticed that it has been running very roughly and making a variety of noises despite several mechanical tune-ups. In the past six months, the blue exhaust has increased giving me much concern and left wondering what, if anything could be done to solve these problems without costing a small fortune.

I could think of no viable solution except costly repairs or the purchase of a new vehicle and financially, that was not the preferred answer. During the recent North Atlantic Fish and Workboat Show in St. John's, I stopped at a booth operated by MoreMPG. I spoke with several people there including the manufacturer of the product MoreMPG. He explained the benefits of the product and assured me of it capabilities. It made sense!

I purchased a bottle of MoreMPG, followed the instructions written on the bottle. The results I am happy and pleased to report are "beyond my expectations... the engine is running so much smoother, almost like new and the dreaded blue smoke is almost all gone!

I have  NO hesitation in recommending MoreMPG to the owners/operators of any gas or diesel equipment. You'll be happy you did!

Ed Kean - Owner
Conception Bay South - NL
February 11, 2015


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