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 img1Huge Impact on the environment, For every treated Engine on this planet which MoreMPG™ reduces soot's, NOx, Carbon Monoxide, Co2 and PM's all harmful emissions not only fuel savings but also impacts more areas that we sometimes overlook, MoreMPG reduces wear and tear and gain the out-most performance from your engines and to all applicable equipment and industrial use, effects less breakdown, less parts are needed, bringing your operation cost down significantly. Keep you fleet longer and equipment more reliable, and running like New with our simple low cost MoreMPG™ maintenance program. From engines to automatic and manual transmissions, Gearboxs, hydrostatics, hydraulics, differentials, reduces electrical consumptions to hydraulic pumps, gearboxes, air conditioning units and many many more applications.


Almost Zero Emissions on 2005 Pontiac


Required emission test, almost all ZERO'sm

I put 2 oz of More MPG into my 2005 Pursuit engine, 2 oz into the auto transmission and 2 oz into my filled gas tank last year with about 25,000 km as per instructions and drove it for about an hour. Car runs much smoother less engine drag when you let go of the gas pedal and quieter, I also can see better mileage as well. I also did the first required emission test, almost all ZERO's ! Just recently I put 4 oz of the Plus MPG into the engine, again it brought the harmonics down to a smoother level and quieter even though it was already very quiet and smooth from the More MPG. Great products, I would highly recommend them to everyone if you want to save your hard earned money.

T.D.S. City of Vaughan, Ontario




City of Grand Falls, NB 17% fuel economy.



 I'm getting approx 15% fuel economy with MoreMPG

All of the testimonials posted here are submitted by actual users of the products produced by MoreMPG


I'm getting approx 15% fuel economy

Owner Operator for Sunbury Transport, I first added the MoreMPG to my truck Engine, Transmission and both differentialsin at the end of October 2010, immediatly I noticed my engine changed and became very smooth and quiet, and for the first week that was the only difference I was noticing was a very smooth engine.

During the second week I started to notice that I wasn't shifting the same as before I started to notice my Horsepower increase, and it has, I can pull up next to trucks that I had a struggle before if I wanted to pass them and now it just goes, everybody says I did something to my engine and the only thing I did was adding MoreMPG to it.

I finaly got amy fuel report, att his time of year I was lucky to get 5.1 MPG, and my ;lastest fuel report is showing an average of 5.8 MPG, that is a 15% increase in fuel savings. I strongly recomend MoreMPG because it realy works better then expected. I also recently added 1oz for each wet axle on the truck and trailer, it is very smooth sailing.

Jean-Marc Page, Drummond,NB


C13 Cat engine which has 1 million kilometers

I am a owner-operator leased on with Sunbury Transport for the past 8 years. In today's trucking industry, you have to cut your costs as much as possible in order to servive. So I am interested in trying new technology. If it works, I take it on as a product to promote. If it doesnt, I dont want anything to do with it. I have found some that do and a lot of others that dont.
MoreMPG DOES WORK. On December 2,2010 I put a 16 oz bottle of it in my C13 Cat engine which has 1 million kms on it. Within a couple of hrs my engine changed its tune. It was running with less vibration and less engine noise. Much Much Smoother. After a couple of days, I noticed my engine fan not coming on when I was climing hills fully loaded. Also my engine exhaust temperature was running about 100-150 degrees cooler when it was really working hard. After 7 days I took an oil sample and sent it to a reputable lab. This product did not change the oil additives, viscosity or total base number of the oil. Also the iron count in my oil was considerably less than the previous analysis at 25000 kms. As it is doing what it is designed to do in the engine, I am now going to put it in both differentials and my transmission.

Dusty Buckingham
S.E.R.Transportation Ltd.


1991 300E 4Matic Mercedes Benz above 365,000 kilometer

I drive a 1991 300 E 4 Matic Mercedes Benz which has aprox 365,000 kilometers on it. Last June 2010 I had to go get an emission test done, the car just passed. Also my 4Matic 4 wheel drive system light was on and was not working which I had the 4 wheel drive repaired about 8 years ago at a cost of $2500.00.

One of my friends suggested I try MoreMPG in the engine and to the 4Matic system which is hydrolic. So on Sept 17/2011 I applied 2 oz of More MPG to my transmission, 2 ounces in the  4Matic system and 1 ounce to my power steering. Then I did an oil/filter flush and change to the engine to get rid of the synthetic and moly slip I use in my engine, then just put in some regular cheap oil. Drove the car around with no luck on the 4 matic system but the transmission seemed to run smoother and less drag for sure.

On September 29/2011 after putting about 400 kilometers on the oil change I went to go have an emission test done again, the car failed miserably. So I put the 2 ounces of MoreMGP into the engine oil while running and took off for a 35 minute drive, Immediately after about 5 minutes I could feel the engine was much smoother and it would rev up easier which has me using more brakes, a sign of less friction in the engine. On the same day after the 35 minute drive I went back to the emission test and the person who was doing the test said he noticed the exhaust did not smell as much when I was backing in the car as it did with the first test. So we ran the test and the car passed with flying colours, a huge drop in emissions as you can see with the 2 charts attached. The person doing the test was in shock.

On Oct 1/2011 I decided to turn on the 4Matic system again, which I have been doing on and off since putting in the MoreMPG, there is a lever in the engine compartment which turns the 4Matic system on and off. To my surprise the light went out! Now it seems the 4Matic system is working again. I believe the MoreMPG had to do a lot of cleaning and repairing because the 4Matic system was not working for over 1 year, a terrible winter with no 4 wheel drive in this car. Also the humming of the 4Matic system is much less and the car is running mush smoother over all, its seems like a new car again. When going uphill it does not strain anymore like it did before and my oil pressure at idle is now at 1 full bar where before it was almost at zero. I guess I have another 20 year to go now. Next will be the differentials.

I would highly recommend More MPG for any body with any mechanical moving parts, this stuff really works!

GINO from the city of Vaughan.


1999 Freightliner Detroit 60 series with 1.7 million kilometers

I did put the first MoreMPG in after the Oil change on 8. January 2010, I noticed right away a smother running engine and the Turbo temperature dropped approximately 400 degree Fahrenheit.

MoreMPG increased my fuel savings by far and my truck is running very smooth after adding to the tranny and Diff's along with the wet axles.

July 2010 Changed oil and added PlusMPG to the engine and MoreMPG and to the transmission and diferentials with this Amazing product. My exhaust smoke is clean now, and I have a smoke free truck.

Loan Wolf
Woodstock, NB

Crab Fishing Boat and Company Trucks

 J'ai placer la bouteille MoreMPG dans mon bateau ce printemps 2010 avec tres bon resultats que j'ais recomender a la compagnie de transport que je truck pour, cé pas croiyable faut que tu essaye ca pour le croire, cé comme ci que ca transforme le moteur, le moteur va plus smoothe, le bruit, la vibration, ils run tres clean des exhausts, tu sais quand le moteur force en montant une côtes, pis y commence a logger, ci té trop en basse vitesse, on dirais que le moteur veut ce défairre, on dirais qui gronde maintenant, la vibration, ben on dirais que ca guéris ca, on dirais qui moteur yé plus fort, pis le buit dans le cab est plus doux, pour la consommation ben j'ai pas vraiment pu voir, je vais voire avec le temps pour les resultats sur le feul.

 Mario Savoie, New Brunswick, Canada

(English Translation) In spring of 2010 I added MoreMPG to my boats 3 engines and transmission with great results that I had to recomend to the trucking company that I am an operator for, it is incredible you must try it to beleive it's as if it transformed the engine, the engine runs much smoother, the sound and the vibrations, it runs cleaner seems like smoke free, you know when you are going up a hill and as the RPM'S lower it starts to lag, feels like the engine wants to break apart, now it growles going uphill. The vibrations is gone, seems like the engine has more power and the noise level in cab is down. I will update with my feul results.

Mario Savoie, New Brunswick, Canada


2004 Honda and my GMC SLE 4.8 Litre

I previously owned a 2004 Honda Accord 4 cylinder with 143,000km when I was introduced to MoreMPG. At first I was a little sceptical from previously trying out so many different products from the local automotive stores. Since MoreMPG offers a 30 day satisfaction guaranty I decided to give it a try. I applied the product and took the car for a drive, after a few kilometres I started to notice an improvement in performance and a much smoother engine. I also notice that the gas pedal is more sensetive as the engine is extremely free and nice improvement in fuel economy about little over 100km more per tank.

At about 170,000 km and a little over 5000km since my last oil change I pull the dipstick and the oil was still a nice colour and shine almost like the day I put it in. The car worked great and very smooth engine.

I recently purchased a GMC SLE with a 4.8 Litre motor, I applied MoreMPG treatment to the Engine 4oz, at a rate of ½ ounce per cylinder and also 1oz to the automatic transmission, now it's getting an average of 22 miles per gallon, compared to 17 mpg. Noticable improvement in performance and very smooth quieter engine.

I strongly recommend MoreMPG, because it really works.


Peter Toner, New Brunswick, Canada


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